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Shake it Out?

Friday 17th April, 2020

Be honest. When you saw the image of the handshake how did it make you feel? I don’t know about you but the last few weeks has me really thinking about one of our basic gestures. Frankly, I’m concerned. 

So, this all began when we were about to launch a new marketing campaign that included a video of how we help companies grow their business. In the video, we remind business owners how important the relationship is between the company and client. Everything I have studied, establishes that the handshake signifies that relationship. It represents cooperation and commitment. A simple handshake that has so much meaning behind it. 

We teach marketers to be meaningful and mindful, so you can see why I was reluctant to launch the video. We were excited about producing it and the outcome. Now what? I have thought a lot about this over the weeks. At first, telling myself things will get back to normal soon and you can just delay the launch. Weeks go by. I then consider editing the video to take out the 2 handshakes. I have to tell you, I struggle removing it. It goes against everything I have ever been taught. To me, it signifies and represents the relationship between two people meeting or working together. It has always been at the beginning and even used in the end of relationships. 

I must tell you, this has consumed my thinking. How long will this new way of living last and will our culture be changed indefinitely? I jokingly greet my friends, customers and loved ones with a bow. Granted, not seeing many of them face-to-face these days has made this less stressful. It is extremely awkward when the situation arises. The occasional elbow bump gets thrown in from time to time. In each instance, so much emotion goes through me. I feel rude. I feel confused. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, during these times we must do what is necessary to protect everyone. Look, I am a hugger when I see someone I know, I want a hug. This alone will be hard to refrain from. The handshake seems so much more to give up. Will it meet its fate like the French “cheek kiss” during the black plague? 

Let’s go back to our video we plan to launch with multiple hand shakes as visuals to drive our point about relationships. Is the shake it out, out? I am interested in your opinion. This is much deeper than a video we plan to launch. It can be edited. I am very curious on what others are thinking in this time. 

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