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Thursday 15th October, 2015


7 Bridges Marketing had the opportunity to work with CPC Solutions, a Colorado based company to help create a cross-media campaign. Strategy, creative direction and content were some of the key elements our team provided. Every successful marketing campaign must have certain attributes to get results. Learn about our philosophy of the key elements.

7 Key Elements for a Successful Marketing Campaign

1. Audience

Are you marketing to the right audience?

2. Use of Medium

It’s about being in the right place at the right time. Learning to communicate with your audience the way they prefer. Email? Direct Mail? SMS? Social Media? etc.

3. Great Creative

Find ways to create a pattern interrupt with your message. Attract your audience.

4. Personalized Message

Personalization is more than just their name. Who are they? Use messaging and visuals that appeal to them and their interests.

5. Relevant to the Audience

Is your message relevant to them? Did you help solve a problem they have?

6. Compelling Offer

What’s in it for them? Offers need to appeal to your audience. Do they need information, education, incentives etc.?

7. Call to Action

Give them ways to interact with you and to learn more.

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